Another scare about breast implants!

It has recently been announced in the press that Silimed implants have now been withdrawn temporarily following the loss of their CE mark.  The reason for this is that some fragments of material were discovered during the manufacturing process of their silicone breast implants. Given the recent history of problems with breast implants and most recently the problems around PIP implants any announcement of this type is certain to cause anxiety amongst patients who have been implanted with Silimed prostheses.

It is important to say at the outset that we do not use Silimed implants although this is not because of any anxieties about quality.

Indeed Silimed implants have many theoretical advantages for women undergoing breast augmentation as following a clinical paper published in Australia there is very good evidence that the rate of encapsulation (breasts going hard due to formation of a tight membrane or capsule around the implant following surgery) is much reduced with these type of implants. On the other hand they do have some disadvantages in that they can be difficult to remove and occasionally they may cause a red rash over the breast skin in the weeks or months following implantation.

Although it is impossible to be completely certain it is likely that no problems will be identified with Silimed implants that prevent their continued use. However given the problems that many women have suffered as a result of manufacturing and clinical issues over the years it is to be welcomed that the regulators have acted very promptly in the light of this information.

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